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Preface.                                   xiii

carefully re-read and corrected. The excellent and
ready method of treating redundant members given on
pp. 924-5 is due to Mr. Max am Ende, though obtained
from Prof. Pullen's work on Graphic Methods', and here
further simplified. Other sources of information have
been acknowledged in the text.
/-* 7j vz > T y/ /                     WILFRID J LINEHAM.

Goldsmiths' Institute,                                           J

January, 1900.________________


A MOTHER short Appendix has been added to bring
-^ the work up to date, and the general text has been
thoroughly revised.                     WILFRID J. LlNEHAM.

Goldsmiths* Institute,
October, 1901


HPHE continued progress of the Science of Mechanical
-*- Engineering necessitates a further Appendix, the
fifth ; for a book of this kind must be kept up to date
at all costs. We have been requested to publish the
Appendices separately, but it is found impossible to do
this without loss * so are constrained to advise readers to
transfer their early editions to younger students, for whom
they are still useful

We have sometimes been asked to divide the book
into separate volumes, but are just as often urged to keep
it intact. In view of these conflicting requests, it appears
advisable to retain the present form of a self-contained
manual, the want of which was the original reason for
writing the book.

It is impossible to specialise in $uch a work.
matter can only be taken as a general statement of scietide
and practice; and types only can be used as examples.
I trust that specialists will consider this point whenever
they are apt to criticise a little harphly the chosen typ^s.

Lastly, I would urge readers to mtfee regular use of the .
Appendices, which are fully connected by reference notes v